welcume to my lair

have my own website now ~
was kinda fun douz~ yet alot of things to learn…
and now my head is full wit thos html coding~~
using almost 2 days to understand the basic stuff .. .

can imagine why there’s alot of webdesigner and progamming bang their head to the keyboard!!
coz i desperately doin it too!!! arghhhhhhhh!!

if u guys using xanga.com or blogspot.com or others blog wont have to face this kiinda ‘coding’ language coz they alredi ready everything for u guys ~ its so nice and easy~

but now having own website~~ dammm… ma fan dou..
chinese got a quote said “catch worm into asshole” and now i really feel it d…

althught its kinda suck up !! but when u slowly understand it, u’ll slowy able to handle it … and the feeling is great~~ and kinda fullfill your inner side too . .ahhah ..
well, this wat u call .. “syok sendiri” hahahah!!

anyway gonna update more soon… let me just fix some of the stupid coding first!! damm u html!! i hate u!!!i hate u!!!

<>over stresss
after battling with the coding!!! arghhh…

welcome to O.N.E-likming

ps: credits to cely for helping me so much!! u are now unoffficialy my sifu!! sifu!! help.. your pupil need help again !! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

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