Be like a Sea

there was a chinese quote

Be like the sea that welcomes the rivers
the more you open your heart, the more thanks will flow towards you
and this will lead to a great success. The more you pass on this success the more hearts you will open.

sometimes shits things do happen. its like women menses… everymonth sure got one case for u to worry…
wat we can do is just accept the fact and takes its easily..
wit this way, we’ll be able to ostracise all those problems clearly..

impulsive always take over our logical thinking.
and it will cause something unexpected for us to solve it ~~
at the end ma sendiri find problem to ‘fan’ lor~~

so … still .. take things slowly and calmy~~ namo namo~~

ding-ding- advertisment time~~



ada hati nak jadi freelance… adui.. got mirror at home anot?
dun have also get some urine to look at lah~~
not afraid ppl laugh at u also scare dog will bark lah~~ isk isk..
im telling u .. with your attitute like tat i;m sure u goin no where~~
remmeber this [email protected]~~ “ohhh shit!!”

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