Earth day[1]

We have Birthday, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Women’s day and plenty more yet
we will celebrate it when this  DAYs come.

We been celebrating so many occassion but seem like we had neglected
another inevitable DAY.

Its Earth Day!!! (izzt that’s means earth born on this day?)


22th of April!!
Jot it down in your diary, in your PDA, in your handphone or watever places that
enable you to remember or easy for see it.

Everyone know about global warming, everyone know about recycle but seem like many
of us been dubious and ignoring the threat that we were in.
Watched An Inconvenient Truth for tons of times and still feel sorry for Earth because
its us who intoxicated ‘him’ and it was us who trying to relinquish this little dot from the galaxy..


;( So i gues its time for us joining hand in hand to protect the Earth.
We can if we willing to change. Not asking for a massive changes yet a small
moves can change the world. 🙂

So my suggestion for the first step:

No More Plastic Bag!!!!