Heartbreaking Season

HeartBreak Season again.
I been receiving all this kinda bad news recently.
Some acquaintance told me their heartbreaking stories..
Saw “In relationship” to “Single” in FB.
‘Say Goodbye’ in MSN (that’s my song)

Many of them still in sorrow.
Few were strong.
Some still tenaciously believe they will be together again.

Occasionally, me and bros came out an analysis.
Usually heartbreaking season happened on every 3 ,6,9 number.
Either its 3 month, 6 month 9 month or 3 years 6 years or 9 years
It’s may be a myth
but believe it or not. We were aware that usually couple will started arguing and having conflict
with their loves one in their first 3 6,9month anniversary. Than every 3,6,9 years and so on.
What is the solution???
Good question… we haven’t figure it out yet. lolz~~

I remember last year, when this Heartbreaking Season occurred.
The same ambiances erupted. The same sad feeling cracking viciously unto my bone.
But i tried to comforted them with all sort of way. Talk cock, condemn their loves one,
accompany them hang out all night long, even play games till morning. (and this is exhausting)

Tried to encourage them to be strong and stand tall again.
Hence, the inspiration sparked into my head and i composed this demo.
It did motivated a few friends.. (but mostly all lagi teruk… lolz…)
and hope its help now too.

For those who are stranded in this heartbreaking season,
Be strong, everything will be okay , i promise. (my killing quote lolz)