The beautiful White Peacock

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In West Lake of Hanzhou,
there’s a peacock’s garden where you able to
indulged yourself with these beautiful peacocks.

Okay, you will thinks its normal lor.. Peacock usually look like this ge lah..
I had this same thoughts as well.

But after i saw this ‘pure’ white peacocks.
I was stunned and amazed.

Don’t u think they were beautiful?
YouR so beautiFUL!! yOU so BeautifUL!!!’  sang Akon’s song

That’s the beauty of travelling. You’ll enable to see alots of great things
and plenty of surprises  for you to discover.

I even saw  Poon Kam Lin selling his husband Mou Dai Long’s biscuit.

ps: Crossing my finger and praying hard hopefully the place i yearning to go will come true!!! arghh