Thanks to SiChuan Spicy food!! I vomit!!

latest update 4 June 2009 on the Autism center here

source: Shiokguy

Bad news!!

1 reason is because the site had barrier up. We could only visit
and see from outside.
2 reason is because i vomit whole dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
Omg!!!!  Yes!! The same old stupid sickness is back to haunt me
and all because of this Sichuan spicy food.

Been wasted 1 day doing nothing just resting in the hotel room.
Luckily the internet is working here. One of the reason i like about China is
their internet service is fast and free. Unlike KL, even the Genting Highland
which is suppose to be international entertainment city inevitably need to pay at least
RM20 for 24 hour internet access.. Bull shit…

Anyhow, i need to retract my statement about Suzhou having the most pretty girl in China.
I found out actually it was Chengdu is better.
What’s famous about SiChuan?
Panda Bear, Spicy food and Pretty girl
(tour guide told me).

And to prove that she did not lie, the first hot spot she bring us to is a place where all the
youngster and teenager often hang around. Impressive lolz.

ps: Streamyx …u can go da bao d…… char dou sei!!!