Mom in action again!

moM in action again!!!

Mom had started to plan her new business.
Will be launching her new so called mini market canteen nearby our house.
So obviously the target market were mainly the resident which staying
around the neighborhood.

Should be selling this douz

The best part is my mom mini market provided basketball and badminton court as well.
🙂 wasn’t cool or what?!
She even claimed that the crime rate could reduce since she will be dwelling around from day and night.
lolz~~ way to go rakan-cop!

She is so excited now and just went out to meet the renovator and electrician to deprived all the
utilities issues.. She is so serious nowadays.

Only i realized that my mom actually is so charming when she in serious mode.
Hence, she need a name for the shop. hmmmm .. i wonder what she gonna call it?
Tong-Tong again? lolz

Wong Choy!! You have a new playground!!! 😉