Mom FInger for HKDisneyland

Onelikming have landed to Hong Kong’s Disneyland.
Really excited and anticipating to enter This magical land.

Not going to dwell around how fun it was since everyone knows
Disneyland is the magical place with magical moment. So it will be fun.

What grabs my attention and impressed me the most is how precisely and details
that Disney’s presented to the visitors. To them everything count.

No matter from buildings, wallpaper, cup, bowl, brush, soap, shoe,
uniforms, bed sheets and bla bla bla… inevitably will found some icon that represent




Everything is so unique and so details. You can see that they are so concern of
Disneyland’s image..

Mickey is so iconic to Disneyland that they specially prepared own MRT train to the visitor
and you could  find many differ characters in the cabin. So no boring anymore luuu…


Another things which i must mention is their service and attitude towards visitor!!
I had never experiences such a good manners attitude in any others countries…
The workers over there are so polite and high EQ too.
Never did i see any inconvenient issues erupt.


Even the upper management peeps treat every subordinate fair and square.
Treating anyone as equal and never gave those “hey im your bos” feelings to them.
I feel so malu when i think how our  ‘BULLY working culture’ in my country.

A great Halloween indeed. I never knows Halloween could be so much fun.

Nevertheless, Disneyland’s merchandise very nice!!!! (mahal juga…)

Literally, you have to come and experiences for yourself.
There’s indeed able to find magical moment in Disneyland.
Be part of the Magic.