Every religion have the same vision-Peace

Resting in my room now.
Not because it was an off day or we finished our job.
I vomit. Darn. Reluctantly ate something spicy yesterday and
cause the sickness. Darn.

Nevertheless i have recovered from it.
Too bad i had to dismissed myself from today assignment
where we need to climb to the top of the mountain.
Hearsay the weather is around 3degree Celsius.
I always afraid of cold but i love the feeling. No chances to experiences it douz.

Still, we had a great time at Hangzhou.
We visited one of the largest Buddhist Sanctuary.

It is totally an amazing place. The ambiance is so holy and peaceful.
You could see various Buddha’s status there as well Siddhartha Gautama’s Journey.

The birth of Buddha, when he was born that day, he already 6 years old
and every step he took, it followed with the growing lotus under his feet.
By that time, 6 dragons appeared from the sky and showered him with dragon water.

And now everyone can enjoy the holy water since the dragon is here. lolz

To be frank, this place impeccable huge and the hall is so luxury
where we need to wear a ‘condom’ to avoid any dirt from ‘messing’ the place.
Inside the hall, there is a golden Buddha which used almost Ringgit 50million to build.

This is the ceiling of the hall. Glamorous douz..

Every religions do have their point of view and righteousness.
So to me actually everyone is preaching the same message which is peace and love.
Why should we separate ourselves with the use of religion as a reason?