Maybe, Just Maybe

Was busying doing works, production and rushing EsterMay’s wedding
and suddenly came upon some err latter. They did success to get my attention.
And all because of miscommunication within differ perception and perspective.

Tension does erupted which triggered even bigger impact on insulation and
all because of differ ideology.

Sum up, there ain’t right and wrong. It is up to us to make.
Only differ is the point of view yet
No doubt it’s hard for others to understand my vision on music perspective.
What more you could expect from others who has already stand still on
their own version of belief? Anyhow, we are living in freedom world.

I not really mind how they insulted or criticize me.
Important things is i did my part sending the message i wanted to deliver through
my musics.

Maybe, just maybe sooner or later
they will understand and see what we are trying to achieve?.
just Maybe…. .who knows?

Music never dies. Do not let it’s stranded by border
or just stop there. Be creative, be Improvise, Be unique.

Just pray hard to Lord to give me strengths
and made me stronger. Use me and let me make u proud.