Tomorrow will be the last month of 2010.

Time fled tremendously.
2010 was a roller coaster year for me.
Gain something loss something.

Almost all the agenda and goal that i set for this year achieved for example,
buying iPad, iPhone4, Keyboard, Macbook Pro, Clot, Stussy and many more.
Those goals which failed to detain were earning RM50k a month, abundance of wealth and sort.
Summaries, spending money is easier to achieved. hahaha…..

Anyhow, i am kinda dilemma for 2010 to end.
Happy because it will be a new beginning for me in 2011.
Sad because i miss the advantage of 2010 and i really miss everything.

I doesn’t really loves to let go something. But i learned so much
that sometime letting go is another way of expressing your loves towards it.

Let’s toast for 2010 shall we?

p/s : Christmas is coming. 🙂