With Right Person, Place and time. Everything seems right.

Christmas ended.
And it’s boxing day.

I do have a decent and peaceful Christmas this year.
Not participated any big party or threw a wild celebration
yet just had a casual dinner with family and simple chit chat with

Frankly speaking, the feeling is good.
I should have try this years ago.
Only i realized that Christmas is not about big party or big crowd.
It’s is about spending qualities time with the right person and right place.

It might sound stupid about my plan this Christmas eve but
i kinda enjoy it much. No hash, No traffic jams, No worries with completely
peaceful moment.
However, you can’t spent this day without any Chocolate, ice cream and some delicious
beverages or it’s just incomplete.

Literally, i had a great one this year. How about you?

P/S: It’s really not an easy decision for a “happening” person to adopt a ‘silent night’. I do appreciate it much … =)