Chill while the Night still Young

dismissed myself from the
night screen for ages.
Might because body get tired easily since not
getting enough rest every night. lols

Especially when you need to pay RM10
for just a few hours parking fees,
RM50 for the cover charges and figuring out
what kinda outfit to blast the night, it’s really discouraging
myself to set the party mode for the night.

But yesterday [30 August 2011]
Kelvin, Ywinson and I spontaneously had the kick
to chill at some places despite everyone kinda exhausted.

Luna Chill Out Bar is the spot we picked.
We spend few hour there doing nothing
but chit chat and relaxing.

The funny part is we almost forgot
that day was actually an independent day eve for our country.)

I do miss the good old time where
i party all night long with my pals
without prejudice and worries .

Still i prefer having the recent lifestyle
and spend times with the Queen 🙂

ps: XY is bz like ant.