TOFU Loves Japan Tee


After the Japan Earthquake disaster, people around the globe is showing their love despite in differ industry or country. There are few labels too holding hand to hand to offer their goods to be sold and donate all the earning to charity.

Me so KIASU of course will not just sit there and doing nothing. When there is an opportunity to show me love to the earth i inevitably gave my support especially if the event, showcase or  goods are something i fancy.

A/X -Loves Japan (and we have pair 🙂

Stussy-One World One Love One Heart (MOM!!!!! where YOU  put d ar ?? I wanna wear d!)


Now TOFU x ACTION CITY x TOKYO STREET PavilionKL (macam very grand)
Since Shin the creator is here and i so kiasu, how can i not grab one to show my ‘yeng’ ness?
RM100 only ma.. give him lah! Cheh.
Anyway i feel great to be part of the community. I really cant do much since i ain’t at Japan. All i can do is just supporting all the goods that offered the help the Japan. Although its indirect but it the love that count. (And i could get nice apparels .lols)