Travel: Cruising with Star Cruise Libra


Splendid Cruising experiences i had with Star Cruise Libra. Thanks to HwaJing Travel and Tour for smuggling me into the ship XD … Never thought you could have a good time on the ship. All the while my impression towards cruising is just all about gambling and sinking =.= (Obviously i am obsess with Titanic) but i was WRONG

It is absolutely contrast to what i had experienced before when i was on Wasa Queen. There are so many activities on Libra. Party, Bbq, pool, Fine Dinning gala night, magic show, dancing show, sexy show (woot) and casino are just one of the entertainment. You can even take classes to learn magic on Star Cruise Libra. ( How cool is that?) .

You can never get hungry! Various choices and never out of stock! Western food, Oriental Food or even Chinese Food all in despite some of the tastes wasn’t incompatible to everyone. But with the wide ocean as the scenery, its just make everything taste delicious.

The view of the ocean is just amazingly stunning. Enhancing with the sunrise and sunset, the ambience of the ship that i boarding inevitably become a floating paradise. (I wonder is it Noal the Arch’s look the way i look on his ship? )

Best part of boarding the Star Cruise Libra is the ship will stop by Phuket and the following day at Krabi. “Sekali-Gus” let me visit the nice beaches that i likey~

I think what i enjoy the most is chilling at the sun deck with the cool breezing wind while playing my fav songs in my ipod. Nothing beat this especially spending the quality times together. Not to forget the memorable moment where the sun rising up. aww.. the world seems to be perfect and hope look like just around the corner.

This trip turn out to be unexpected especially someone introvert like me hardly blended in with strangers. Surprisingly i emerged myself and hell get loosed. haha.. Monster unleashed !

I had a good time.  How about you?

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P.S thanks to B.cAT, CJ, Fui Ling, HwaJing Travel & Tour and everyone who make things right. ^^

**晚上的那些海風呢? 好懷念。