BLOG: An Alternativa Way

I am siting on the floor  and writing this while enjoying my Hot Choco at The Border now. Yup thats right on the floor. The Starbucks that located  inside The Border is full house. There is not enough tables to support the capacity of the customer (As usual). Since it was just attached to this comfortable and quiet Book Store and i was exhausted yet looking for some wifi access, i came up with this ‘cool’ idea. I bought a tall hot choco and casually just took a sit on the floor. Taking out my lappy while enjoying my cup of HOT CHOCO. Seriously it is more comfortable than siting on those hard wooden chair. It cause my butt pain if sit for too long.

This is life. It can be so cool. No point to fuzz around and complain why shit happen. Sometime we just need to relax and find a way to adapt all sort of stupid incident that occur. Call it creative or innovative.There is always an alternative way in life. It is just the matter how u see through it. 🙂

As i always said “Shit always happen, Why so serious?”

And most importantly, i felt im so cool … lols.. damm ying zai ~~

沒有位子坐。我很大膽的買了一杯hot Choco 後就直接到某個角落坐在地上打開電腦上網了。說真的比起來,坐在地上舒服多了。

所以我說啊, 人生麻就應該很樂觀的去看待。 很多事情發生一定有它的原因。不管發生什麼事情都好’just relax’和找個方法去處理。不斷埋怨有何用? 問題也不會自己消失掉反而會更增加煩惱。


大家 都明白也知道,人生的路程都是會碰到問題. 所以啊有什麼好煩?