Yamateh from Japan;)

Chilling at the Vivo daily Stand’ Cafe.
The breezing cold wind is lingering me.

It is indeed a wonderful holiday despite unavoidable irritation that once a while does give hiccup to this trip yet it is ok. Still ok.

Can you imagine I am now at Japan? The busiest city. One of the most advance city. The fashionable city. Never did I Ever thinking of visit this country.
To be frank, Japan never in my wish lists. I always yearning to go Greece, Santorini, Paris or New Zealand but in a shocking twist, I picked Japan.

And I love it!

Everything is jus reasonable and close to perfect. The ambience, people, places, scenery and goodies are jus amazing. Indeed inspiring and seen so much. A great experiences I endured,
This is the 4th day I am in Tokyo. Tomorrow will be visiting another city.

I wonder what will be waiting for me.;)




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