Next chapter of 2013

Yup, it is the August 2013
I am sure everyone Gonna agree that time is running too fast that its inevitable to be assumed it is on “Turbo”. (*the snail is so fast x2)

 photo banasorry1.jpg

A very messing half year i had but when you trying to recall back, not everything seems vivid. I’ve even forgot that I involved in some occasion. That’s why I always felt social network timelines is imperative because it could help me to jot down all my history. It will be jus like tattoo whereby it will not tatt’ on the skin but in the Virtual world.

 photo proud.jpg

I am done with DAMONSTER promo, Michael’s new tracks, MV and some random jobs. So the following half years will be pumping up my individual tracks. YES! DannyOne is in progress. In the meantime I’m too planning into something about online tv. You know something like watching clips on YouTube , WeiBo or Facebook.

 photo thinkthink.jpg

Will be another big challenge for me! Lets hope the shit hit the fan real hard!

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