Why waste the energy?

Waking in the morning or before going to bed you find out your mobile phone is receiving many negative and discouraging txts sometimes kinda irritated.

I need to buck up and started replying all the txts. Motivating and encouraging the senders so that they could take up the challenge and keep on going without giving up.

Not that I dislike sharing and encouraging the people. It just made me ponder why they  rather spend their energy to find faults, demotivating and thinks negatively than using it to encourage, motivate  themselves and solve the problems.

No doubt we can complain and grieves. I do ’emo’ too. Yet sometimes i might even complain till the kingdoms comes. It is normal that we might came into a point that our mind are devastated and fatigue. But if spending your entire days, hours, minutes to ’emo’ just won’t help the issue.  It won’t  all sudden overturn the scenario just to customised it for you.

All we could do is just keep fighting. Keep finding the solution and solve the puzzle.
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

I remember someone told me that every bricks, every step we take does matters because a castle is build by millions of bricks. A Rome is not build in one day.

Even Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha too needed to go through all sort of obstacles, so what make us so special exclude from it right?

Everything happen for a reason. And every reason will only make us grow wiser and stronger. So buck and strike back!




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