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電影 甲洞2 Kepong Gangster 2

Kick start my 2015 with 甲洞 2 (Kepong Gangster 2) Movie launching.
Yes, I took part in this movie and it is consider one of my milestone in 2015?

Not really sure how is the full movies gonna be but from various feedback on the part I am involved seems not bad. 🙂

Kind the looking forward on this movie because Ma director’s always hold up on his reputation. His works often gets good respond and rating and I am honoured to be part of the team this time.

Bringing back the previous Kepong Gangster casts, this time added a few more new faces such as me, Eric, Queen, Crystal and more. The story line will be more impact and emotional. I remember how Ma director explaining the story and how it twisted. I was like “Gosh this is dramatic!”

So brace yourself on this 3th of March 2015. We will storming Malaysia Cinema.


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