Pokemon yellow is back! Remake For 3DS

Nintendo has just released their next game remake; Pokemon Yellow. They intend to remake and remaster the 1998 hit, and make it available for the 3DS, New 3DS, and the 2DS. This will be a 20th Anniversary Edition to be released worldwide November 13th, 2015.

The last Gen 1 remakes were FireRed and LeafGreen back in January of 2004. This was released for the GameBoy Advance, and put into color. It also introduced the Sevii Islands, and made Gen 2 Pokemon available after getting the National Pokedex.

This Gen 1 remake will include all 719 Pokemon available for capture after beating the league and completing your Kanto Pokedex. As well as all the Pokemon being available, legends included, all TMs and Berries from other generations have been added in.

Intended to be release in November, Pokemon Yellow for the 3DS is expected to make a big hit among gamers.

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