The lost soul that drown in the virtual ocean.

Turning off all my social media indeed a big challenge. (guilty)
I took the #ertisosial challenge by Digi. Distant myself from the social network and internet from 7am to 7pm as a move to experiences the meaning of puasa. Indeed meaningful. Put down the ‘thing’ that important to me and search the inner side makes me learned how to be silent and stay calm.

To be frank, now the virtual world is inevitably full of noise. Truth, false, rumours, gossip and ad. are just mingling around the internet. We are stranded in a world that full of contents but which is the thing that we truly need? We started to filter news, blocking messages, deactivate some apps and sort but the ”noises” are alike an ocean wave that keep come and coming. In the end, we are lost in this virtual ocean.

After i turning off all the social media, i realised that we are actually so empty and lonely. Yes we had so much ‘friends’ inside there but who is actually there? We’ve been dragged here and there just to get more likes. Triggering our emotion but what is the real feeling that you having when you are out from the phone? hmmm… all sudden i felt something is not right. The soul inside our body seems deactivated and transferred into a small frame that laying on our palm. We need to wake up.

So that day after I’m done with my work out,  I visited some decent cafe to chill. I took out my drawing pens and draft some notes on my notepad. Can you imagine how long i’ve never use my hand to write or draw? lol. I felt so fresh.
As my mom always said;

you need to stop doing all the things in your hand once a while to see
clearly what you are really doing.”

We can of course still need the internet but do not obsess about it. Pick the right contents and do not be fooled by those irresponsible quarter to lead us to a wrong path.

Finally thanks for the #ertisosial campaign. I learned so much.

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