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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – light like a feather smooth like a river


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is here. Am excited to get my hands on it.
I have to admit that i had been using iPad for years and i doubt any tablets could change my mind. I always felt androids stuffs will crash or hang in a way if too much of apps running but hey. iPAD TOO! DARN! It just triggered the ‘ boom’ to the ‘fruit’ fairy tales.

Light like the feather.
It is the lightest tablets in the world or I should said Mother of all lightest.
I am quite impressed on this because the previous tablet too heavy. You ain’t gonna like the feeling of holding two big laws text book on your hand when you having “”serious works”” inside the washroom. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 seems solve this issue.


It is lighter than IKEA catalogue book. With only 389gram, I’ve held it and watched Matrix , Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions for whole day. (*I should go into Malaysia Book of Record)

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Feel Good but…
Big screen and with only 5.6mm feel right for the hand despite I could easily pressed the ‘back’ button accidentally. The only think that make me “”aiyah”” should be the speaker. Build on the bottom side of the tablets. Look fine but the db level that given seems not good enough. I barely hear clearly the conversation of the videos that i played unless i plug in my earpiece.


Nevertheless, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 open up my eyes for tablets. So much more to share but until next post 🙂

Here the clip for you to experiences its fine look.


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