Your faith so fragile?

I don’t really understand.

If according to some hardcore extremist logic: seeing too many churches, temples and sort could weaken their faith, doesn’t this mean christian , taoism and hindus too will be further weaken of their faith since every morning and evening will be hearing prayers from the mosques, every Taman will have mosques builded. Every day the tv will be airing prayers at wake Solat; every Sekolah Kebangsaan having praying section and reciting verse from the holy book in morning and Fridays; every petrol stations around the highway will provide bilk solat; the Sultans is Muslims and all the important keys leaders are muslim.

Do all these hardcore jokers know what’s exactly they are talking about? Are you accusing that they are easily influenced and have no strong faith comparing to non muslims? Why insulting your own religion, brothers and sisters with your low intelligence?

I knew a Pakistanis . He travels around area to area to sell goods for living. I did invited him to sit down and eat with me at the Chinese restaurant but he decline with polite way. The reason is because he is a devoted muslim and our food are not halal for him although mostly his customers are non muslim. Never did he moved or lose faith  despite struggling for his life and how he has been treated by some notorious authorities. Even a foreigner that surrounding himself in the chinese community could be that faithful to his religion; I can’t understand how the bigots who are living and growing up in a country that Islam is the official religion could come out with such idiotic thinking.

To be honest, always a no problem that Prime Minister is a Muslim and my leaders are Muslim for me. Just do the job right while everyone can ‘cari makan‘, I am sure people will be cool. So stop pointing fingers on others religion had a hidden agenda or trying to convert muslim away to divert the attention from bigger issues.

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