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Dear 2016… Good bye

Dear 2016,

We had much memorial time ain’t we ? All the agony  and struggling moment no doubt the most effectively ways to build us. Look what have come to 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.11.22 PM

Remembering the Quest.

Remember we putting our faith in God hands? We had nothing to pay yet we agreed and signed to own it.

Remember the moment where the loots are in critical level? I tried to dig out everything from my piggy bank to see if there is anything leftover to overcome it.

Remember the most crucial dateline ? I have no idea how it could be done but somehow we managed to fulfiled it.


God works in a very mysterious way.

2016, despite all the shit but we saw the positive side of us. Yes,we are in deep shit hole and kinda shattered lol but all the way we met so many beautiful people. Angels I would call it. If these wasn’t the work of God, what was it ? Coincidence? It doesn’t even make sense; law of attraction? I’m not even in a state of positive that time; Miracles? Ah, yes miracles seems to fit in.


2016, we had so much fun. It is like we against the world. But 2016, is time to let go. I know you are tired and fatigued. You being a great companion. No doubt the most vivid to me too. Heavy heart now 🙁

You will be missed. What’s left by you will be taken care and our legacy will goes on. 2017 will be here to complete the quest. Thanks for fighting along side with me. Farewell 2016…hug*

And hello 2017!

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