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Valak was the one that release Annabelle!

After much anticipation to watch the film by James Wan’s latest franchise “Annabelle: The Creation”, no doubt the sequel proven ‘The Conjuring’ universe works perfectly. They were “more of a classic, old-school horror movie in many ways”.

Nevertheless I found few easters eggs lingering around the film and much research,
I come to a point to believe that Valak was the ‘thing’ that triggered the whole horror in this sequel. Dang dang dang since all are in the same universe it will be great and mind blowing if all these were true.

Caution: Spoiler Alert! 

Clue 1:
Firstly Mr Mullin saw Sister Charlotte’s photo.
He saw someone behind the shadow .. I strongly believe that is Valak.

Clue 2:
Mrs. Mullins said that after the Annabelle doll been hidden inside the closet the house has been quite no more issue. This explained why all sudden Annabelle became so active after the orphans moves in.

The “thing” that pushed Janice’s wheel car into the garage dressed like Nun are no others than Valak! She try to let Annabelle a body to stay alive !

What do you think? AgREE ?
But don’t “Find Me” if its true.

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