2017 should be one of the spectacular year for me despite a few hiccups from here and there. I would said it is the most challenging and fully utilised the talents in any aspect of me.

The Triangle of Hope

From differ company into differ company. I always blessed to end up into a good management company. From Media Century to 28Stage, I’ve learned, i’ve been cultivate and groomed by each of them although we end up farewell. Yet the bondbetween us are still strong. This year I’ve landed myself in Triangle Entertainment (TE) and the rest in 2017 is history.

15yrs Neverland

Dwelling in the ‘Neverland’ Chinese music industry for years and finally compounded all the works to drop an album to celebrate. It been fixed with the title ‘Neverland’; as  we know creativities and music will never get old and it is always a fantasy. Songs such as ‘Sandman’, ‘kappa’, ‘titan’ and many more included into this album whereby new  tracks are ‘Neverland’ and ‘Still’. The previous hits ‘Siapa’ and ‘Creed’ had been re-record with the new arrangement and element to completed this 15 years celebration.

Concert : Dream come true

Every single musician, showman or artiste’s dreams is to owe their own showcase or concert and 2017, along side with TE team we made it happened. My very first concert after 15 years in this ‘circus’. Surprisingly the tickets were sold out.

Fact 1 :No i didn’t not bought all the tickets by myself.
Fact 2: No i don’t have thousand of friend to support .
Fact 3: Yes we add more seat to fill up the hall as the crowd grows
Fact 4: 80% of the audiences are non associated to me. (duh..)

The Danny in the Neverland concert indeed put a colourful mark into my journey. 😭

Standing into the front line

Another big twist will be taking up the radio announcers post. I had included myself in singing, producing, composing, TV hosting, acting and directing yet radio DJ is something that I must give a good fight on it. Due to my language barrier and slow responsive towards subject indeed challenging my whole system.

So many mixed reaction from the listening from the start and i must admit i ain’t good enough but that won’t put me down. To me radio announcers are totally differ world. They are the front line of communication. Any feedback no matter good or bad, they are the first to encounter. Bad faith, bat brick, insult and sort i had seen it all.  Fortunately day by day a little improvement did occur although i know it not enough. Hence I will keep kick it out till recognition achieve.

Dream do come true

Taking up this new task could be so impulsive but I just wanna prove to myself and a message to those who have the dream;[做罷鳥] Do it. 

If one day you have doubt or not confident, maybe thinking that you aint good enough; remember this thing;
“Look at dannyone! He is so misery, he can’t even speak fluently nor with a great voice! He not even good looking or tall like any oppa! If he can walk all the way to here, we can too! ”

Let me be the example, I’ll honour if I could be beckon or a metaphor, an icon of dream sound nice :)😝✌🏼

keep pushing! keep the passion on! If you fall get back up ur feet and start again!

Michael Jackson said “Dream really do come true don’t they?”

“The noblest art is to making people happy” said by P.T Barnum.

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