some fool works

some fool works
thought buying some magazine to ease my mum boredness coz she been working overnite tis few days ..
and becoz my mum was chinese educated .. and like entertaiment news lot douz.. so tot buying some local magazine to reward her~
i often support local magazine .. aspecially tos mag which been published many years .. but sometimes its kinda disappointed my interests to it ~~

this was one of the mag i been buying often but recently being slow down on it~ ~
so tat nite .. tot give it another good try and happily bought it !! but hai`~ still the same~~ why?? u ask them~

i was iffying~~ does this reporter do his/her homework?
wat he/she been doin ? or he.she just copy and paste the whole things without checking any error on it !!
all the malai-c-ya idol album aredi been published and even all the news had been speard out still they can make this kinda big mistake..
guess he/she was rushing his/her work and almost reach the dead end d!!! so ma fast fast pass in to print it lor~ u lah .. if not sure kena fire by bos mah… later how to celebrate xmas??
i guess the person who in-charge of this shuld ruminate what had went wrong.

yet i still carry on to read the whole magazine .. and i found out something … . .
me and the malai-c-ya idol get some brickbat comment from the reporter as well.. for the ‘number’ station anniversary~
not to say we cant accept this kinda ignoramus’s comment ….i love it too . .so i can do better next time ~
but tis is obvious tis reporter dun like both of us le… tats why even the news been announce alos can made mistake~ ish .. this reporter sure love tos ‘handsome’ and yao ying douz lor.. chiu

if anyone read tat mag.. will found out all the local aritiete pic will be as small as it can~
while thos oversea artiste pic.. not to say big, even tos who doesnt know wat kinda song he /she sang b4 aloso get tons of praise and attention
and u call this fair? yeah rite? we doesnt have a great impeaccably performances or popularities~~ hahaha.. .. wat to do ~~
with this kinda unfair and ‘big small chiu’ demeanor … i doubt it will bring any good to our own industry .. moreover to their own personal atittude~~

summaries….. what comes around will goes around ~~ just get use to it ~~ moreover thos ppl always liek to brings unreal and relevant information to the public~~
who knows wat will ahpen next~~
and no wonder tis mag wasnt much sales lah~

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