Kappa and Bananaman are on the run in LINE!!!


download it now : –http://line.me/S/sticker/1228720

Always fancy to own my set of stickers for any chatting platform and yes i finally did it.
Has been using LINE for some times; always envy those stickers creators for having such a privilege to contribute their designs into people daily conversation. It enhanced and the behaviour of chat with fun and colourful.

My set of sticker “Escape of the MYTH” were inspired from my pervious songs such as Sandman and Kappa. I’ve included all the legendary character as well my little bananaman into the bandwagon and dang dang dang, all the myth that you heard before is now here; with more swag and more stupid. 🙂

Released for 2 days and it’s surprising climbed high into the ladder. Top 5 now and is in the popular categories. Blessing indeed and it the thumbnail for the ‘weird/wacky’ categories. Now that is a good 2015 finale achievement.

So guys if u loves stickers and using LINE
download it now : –http://line.me/S/sticker/1228720