Which Era will you prefer?

Non issue self glamourising while introducing. But when bunch of self glamourising’s self-centered people glamourising each others non stop really given a weird and ‘self-high’ feeling. 

it is like the reunion of “gurus”. luckily those i know in person not ‘self-licking’ type. anyhow is a good place to learn.

Discussed with Chrystina Ng and we came to an agreement that all because we grown up in different era of education .

We were told by our parents to be humble and do not self-centre. 

Stay humanity and never reveal your wealth to stranger as it will create issue and jealously.
Try to help others  and never take credit for it.
Success is not judge by the money you accumulate, cars you owe or the title. 

Whereby the new generation exposed to the social media that enlighten them 

to show more and express more. 

This way could encourage and lift up the dream of the others and followers.  

Revealing what you have and owe will be the key success
and sharing the formula to others so that everyone could enhance a better future. 

What era will you be or prefer?