[ VIDEO ] TOKYO : CAPTURE THE MOMENT 【サテイ・トウキョウ satay x tokyo 沙爹.東京 】

Video finally uploaded. This Tokyo trip indeed one of my fav due to much surprises and things to be remembered despite more towards fashion trip though. lol Foods, people, cultures, fashions, toys and gadgets are everywhere in Tokyo Everything is still vivid in my mind. and I miss the most no others than Yi Lan Ramen. T..T…


樹人 [SHUREN] x A Blue moonlight collaboration. Always loves their works individually and this time they crossing over. Definitely must have it. All are DIY. The more you wash it the more vintage the colour will be. Resembled Japanese taste; more towards to basic, light and easy style that enviably the urge of peoples that looking…


人人期望可達到~~ 小時我一直都想見到我最愛的哆啦A夢可是慢慢長大後就知道見個屁啦! 人家是漫畫裡人物啊!不是真實! DING DONG Taikuhaibin 和 Doraemon crossover 出產了一系列的哆啦A夢的產品 來慰勞下我們這些死粉絲的 lust和安慰下我們的失望咯。 這班人和我一樣都很想有個小叮噹及他的法寶吧。

陳奕迅、全智賢、范冰冰、周栢豪、蔡卓妍及蔡依林等拍攝adidas Originals Superstar 2015秋冬系列平面廣告

adidas Originals邀請到多位亞洲巨星陳奕迅、全智賢、范冰冰、周栢豪、蔡卓妍及蔡依林等拍攝adidas Originlas Superstar 2015秋冬系列平面廣告;是次廣告背景及人物特別以黑白色作主調,以突顯今季Superstar鞋款及服飾的豐富色彩。Eason在底特律著名街頭攝影師Jeremy Deputat的鏡頭下,穿上經典Superstar鞋款的他以率性的演釋方式帶出 Superstar應有的非凡魅力;全智賢向來給人高貴優雅的感覺,今次為她打造出街頭女性美,以全新黑色Superstar Slip on鞋履,配襯蟒蛇紋的黑色短身外套及以閃片點綴的T- 裇,讓Gianna散發出一種時尚又具女性美的味道;范冰冰著上adidas Superstar UP系列把與生俱來的冷艷優雅氣質完全表露無遺;舞台上形象百變,穿起全紅色Superstar鞋款的Jolin將運動服裝穿成時尚的潮流服飾,造型同時亦散發著不理束縛、敢於面對自己的感覺,更突顯了Jolin潮流教主的地位;穿上經典、簡約黑白色Superstar鞋款的Pakho,與金色閃片Superstar鞋款的阿Sa,同樣展示個人獨特型格! adidas Originals邀請到多位亞洲巨星陳奕迅、全智賢、范冰冰、周栢豪、蔡卓妍及蔡依林等拍攝adidas Originlas Superstar 2015秋冬系列平面廣告;是次廣告背景及人物特別以黑白色作主調,以突顯今季…Posted by Milk Magazine on Sunday, 2 August 2015

Murakami x Vans have reached KL

Vans and Murakami collaborated and it has reached Malaysia. Released yesterday [4 July 2015] at Sole What. Nice design, colourful, fancy with vivid colour tone. Hearsay the board with Murakami’s signature design eventually sold out. Here are some unbox shoot for you to watch 🙂  

How sneakers rose from street to chic

CNN fashion has put on a nice and neat visual on how sneakers embrace from bottom to top. Chuck to Nike and how Gucci going into the game, the born of adidas Superstar until Kanye West putting his creation into the ring. Easy to digest and full of details. HERE IS THE LINK