Macao : The City that never sleep.

Had an opportunity to visit Macao. Honestly loves the city so much. (Don’t ask me why) Might be the culture and rich history that this lovely land embraced. The people are friendly despite some ahpeks who are having their morning walk which full of anger...

Greenhouse by Muir @ Ampang

第一個感覺. “哇老需要咁grand咩? 貴唔貴哦?! ” 哦~ 原來便靚正!基本上係3層3間cafe系一間building. 有得hae飲咖啡,食蛋糕是sushi等等. 又有得fine dine(貴kap唔飽過種野)又可以包hall做event. 總知就係好啦. 好複雜懶得解釋. 我呢d窮野緊係Ground floor咯. Self service既. 有日本餐,ramen,sushi 等等. 蛋糕甜品咖啡都有. 室內設計同d用具有特色;野唔好食都睇餐包咯. 哦,有個帥氣廚師睇! 所有d蛋糕麵包係佢做既… 除咗靚仔+煮乜,仲要係model! 咩事哦!!玩曬!(最夠力又係叫danny) 好彩佢識英雄重英雄!特做個甜品請我食,如果唔係反臺! Greenhouse by Muir at Ampang Waze:

#geekconmy at KDUUC

  Was there attending #geekconmy. It was fun. Could see lots of cosplayers, comics, artworks, toys and few great VIP. I hope there will be A bigger one in the future. Still, given my homie some support. Nice work Pointblanc. Limited 017. Cool.  

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