Valak was the one that release Annabelle!

After much anticipation to watch the film by James Wan’s latest franchise “Annabelle: The Creation”, no doubt the sequel proven ‘The Conjuring’ universe works perfectly. They were “more of a classic, old-school horror movie in many ways”. Nevertheless I found few easters eggs lingering around the film and much research, I come to a point to…


气味,能唤起思念,什么味道,能让你想起自己的父亲呢?这个父亲节,我们找来了本地艺人、演员、主持人与歌手如Danny 温力铭、Wee Ping 吴维彬、Desmond 郑瑞钥、Jane 黄明慧及Suen 林文荪一起来分享他们与父亲之间的回忆及父亲的味道。祝福天底下的爸爸们,父亲节快乐!    

[ 曖胃也曖心 ] onefm x Kechara Soup Kitchen

有意思的通告. 讓我看到世界的另一面..太多想分享…. 如果有天有人跟你說那些露宿者就是乞丐;你回答他們說“你食屎啦!唔識就唔好扮代表” 還有 “每一個生命都那麼的重要!” so much to share; but one thing for sure… homeless doesnt means they are beggar and every life matters. 其實人類不冷漠;只是社會把人的本性複雜了 謝謝onefm 和 Kechara 讓我有機會參與和體驗. 感恩! 謝謝 snapchat : imdannyone      

Dear 2016… Good bye

Dear 2016, We had much memorial time ain’t we ? All the agony  and struggling moment no doubt the most effectively ways to build us. Look what have come to 🙂 Remembering the Quest. Remember we putting our faith in God hands? We had nothing to pay yet we agreed and signed to own it.…

Babe it wasn’t me

“Hey I never said that!” was spontaneously pop out in my mind yet within a sec, I’m cool with it because I felt “hey not bad, at least my words do carry some weight and irritated fews.” I scroll up and down in my personal FB for that specific status but in vain, not to…

ALIVE – 溫力銘 DannyOne

  [alive] 單曲終於上線了! 在iTunes, Spotify, JOOX, KKbox 都找得到來聽了. 唔係唔alive吓哇? 📱🎶 iTunes: 👾🎧 Spotify : 💿📀JOOX : 🗳🎤 KKbox :  


感恩! 每次遇到一些困境時,都會有一圈的好友出手幫助 老實說, 我不會打交道。所以被人覺得這個人很驕傲,了不起和anti social. 因為我是個introvert,說話也常得罪人。 因此朋友不多。 但知己和貴人有幾個。 而且他們一直都會無時無刻的出現。 我欠他們太多。而且他們從來沒有要求任何的回報。 我常在他們的口中聽到的句子 “你處理好了才打算” 欠人情是最難還。如果要還的話我看我‘有排還” 關關難過關關過 我覺得我像就一個RPG遊戲. 一關一關的闖時身邊也會出現所需要的猛將。 我應該可以從整個過程編個fiction遊戲故事出來。 從 ’天台的警察‘ 到 ’童話的小王子‘ 在到 ’源大俠之聯手大聯盟‘ 而最新的 “風之子”. 每個劇情都驚張加上精彩而少了他們都無法打到最後。   I might have done something right. 所以如果你問我自己有什麼比其他人優勝;答案:我身邊很多天使。 說回這次車境被爆事件,損失挺多,可是得回來的比我想像中更豐盛。 尤其“風之子‘裡頭的猛將們雪中送炭!(而不只一次,是很多很多次) God always works in a very mysterious way. 所以任何事情發生都是有他的原因。   我覺得發生了這件事更加讓我體會到我新歌《alive》裡頭的hidden message。(隨便打打歌咯) 只要我還alive, 只要我堅持,只要我相信,我還有機會勝!只要我alive就是贏了! 還是那句“ life is a struggle…

6怒毛窮墨爾本 Mob to Melbourne PART3

Visited University of Melbourne, saw the penguins in St Kilda, enjoy the beach and went to sovereign hill to dig gold 🙂 Learned so much in the hill about the culture and history of Australia. Could just spend the whole day over Sovereign Hill for their stage play, activities, foods and photo shooting. Nice~