Going Green 2012 Live launched.

We have launched the “Going Green 2012 Live”.  28Stage x XYmusic have come along together to create an awareness campaign of the important of the green. Human is facing the real threat of the world; “global warming’ and it is no longer a myth. I am sure...


Artwork of DannyOne showing all the characters in his company such as Michael Wong, Jam, 小美, Orange, Kj, EsterMay, Monkey.d and DannyOne while the others characters are those ‘behind-screens’ of the company. With fantasy’s imagination, DannyOne Expressing the colorfulness when each one of the members...


Here is a bunch of dreamer who had been non stop chasing the dreams. No doubt there is some obstacles a head but eventually shall over come it. Hey thats life for. 😉

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