BANA on Earth Hour.

After the Earth Hour 2012 showcase, the artwork of the Bana that i designed for that event inevitably received a good feedback. There is some request for the artwork to be print so that they could owe it. Hence without hesitate I took this opportunity to make...

BANA: Seriously Bana

The “Bana in Bersih” was the artwork that i drew with my ipad2 due to the Bersih rally tat took places last few days on 428. To project that Bana the Bananaman was serious with the issue that his country is facing. One of my...

BANA: Fall longer

要飛就飛高點, 至少跌下時都有足夠的時間享受高峰的美景。Aim higher, At least if u fail u still could reach the moon.                

BLOG: 一切都還好~

農曆新年過後所面對的問題不斷的上升。可能在新年期間一直被人祝“跟上一成樓” 所以問題真的‘跟上“了。反反覆覆了大概一年多後終於上個禮拜終極挑戰要我過關。哪一刻我的確怕。一股冷的氣從頭飄到腳。可是又不能有害怕的感覺出現因為媽媽在。不能讓她擔心和知道沒有能力一次過處理所有的事。 媽媽很煩惱又很憂慮尤其上個禮拜。在3天內,’瘟神’ 帶回來2個極度壞的消息。(瘟神應該是我的祖先).  

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