BLOG: An Alternativa Way

I am siting on the floor  and writing this while enjoying my Hot Choco at The Border now. Yup thats right on the floor. The Starbucks that located  inside The Border is full house. There is not enough tables to support the capacity of the...

BLOG: Finally It is Going Green Concert

‘So much to write so much to say and i have no idea where to start” Going Green 2012 Live Concert has finally arrived and its ended with a significant moment. More than half year we start kicked this campaign.  All the criticism  , obstacles and inevitably pressure that fall...

BLOG: Time not enough

Work load is too packed till I don’t have much time to update here. Rushing for 摩斯特DA.MON.STER’s 2nd LP, mixing the songs and preparing the up coming most meaningful event Going Green 2012 Live Concert. Kinda looking forward for it douz.  This few days each...

BLOG: 希望小叮噹真的存在

Time has been running so fast. July is coming to an end. Can you imagine its only left 4 month of 2012?  OMG. 有人說年紀越大,時間就過的更快。不能不認老了。 I still remember the time when i was still a spoil brat that spent most of my night at clubs. Partying...

BLOG: 你一定要幸福. ^^

出席了Kate的婚宴。雖然在晚宴裡熟悉的人不多所以沒辦法瘋狂起來可是見證了她幸福的模樣,內心有種激動及莫名其妙的開心。她終於找到她的另一半了。有時啊很多事情都覺得上天已經有安排。 要我們遇過,碰過或者度過某些階段才讓我們看的清楚和長大。

BLOG: 平凡时刻

事情應該告一段落。 一直矛盾的決定終於做了。也得到大家的關心和支持。 。。謝謝。 目前媽媽和兩個小孩都很正常的生活,雖然媽媽偶爾會想起些事情卻會傷心, William一直都怕見人終於敢出來跟表弟們玩了。而會很醒覺的報告給我聽有誰在跟蹤他們和誰在舊家門口等等。 這個期間,算是一個人住。媽媽他們就在另一個家定居,好讓那些要搞事人士分散注意力。

BLOG: 一切都還好~

農曆新年過後所面對的問題不斷的上升。可能在新年期間一直被人祝“跟上一成樓” 所以問題真的‘跟上“了。反反覆覆了大概一年多後終於上個禮拜終極挑戰要我過關。哪一刻我的確怕。一股冷的氣從頭飄到腳。可是又不能有害怕的感覺出現因為媽媽在。不能讓她擔心和知道沒有能力一次過處理所有的事。 媽媽很煩惱又很憂慮尤其上個禮拜。在3天內,’瘟神’ 帶回來2個極度壞的消息。(瘟神應該是我的祖先).  

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