BLOG: Cut for the CHANGE!

With the impulsive decision, i shaved my hair into extremely short. Thanks to Hair Index and Academy ‘s founder, Eddy. He successfully transformed me to look better despite of my scorning and doubt it will look good on me. I remember i did have my short...

Enter the Dragon; completely

Accordingly to Chinese, we are finally enter the Spring yesterday [4 Feb 2012] around 6pm. Which means we have enter the Dragon completely. Performing for this wonderful event at Botanic yesterday to welcome the 立春.  The Chinese believe that it is the most special day...

BLOG: 童年的英雄小叮噹。

問我10歲的表妹,你現在最喜歡的卡通人物是誰? 她很認真的回答我 “現在那裡有人卡通啊? 我都不看啦。。很幼稚咯” 我突然覺得現在的小孩的童年到底怎麼搞啊?沒有在看卡通了嗎? 我好奇在問 “那麼你現在看甚麼?” “當然是電視劇和電影啦” 很大人味的回答我。

BLOG: 平生第一個天湖!哈哈哈

從來沒有覺得自己有所謂的賭運。而自己也不喜歡賭博那種感覺。 所以每年的農曆新年都很少賭博。可是如果朋友叫到偶爾也會撐下熱鬧玩兩手。 所謂要知道整年的運層就要在農曆新年裡玩兩手啦。

BLOG: 家家有本難唸的經

不知不覺間這樣就來到農曆新年的初五了。 所以說啊時間的確跑得比以前快很多. 今年的新年我大部分時間都是躲在家裡。也許年紀的問題。 也可能因為2011我們的家裡過的太疲倦了因此沒有想過要到處跑的念頭。  

Earn the RESPECT

Participating in ICE CREAM4U this year with a few ‘awesomeness’ artiste  including Yise, dayDream, Namewee, Eric Lin, Athena  and other to spread the LOVE around. To make the event more meaninful, together we sang the theme to show that we could come forward holding hands...

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