BLOG: 家和友 PT1-朋友偏

家庭的吵闹一直都是 避免 不到。 不然 就是 大家的 意见和想法不合或者 不一样  的处理方式。 但是不论如何的冲突和不满也好 家人永远 都不会 放弃 对方。 就算走 错 了也好都 会 一直 在 远方守护着大家。 家人和朋友的分别就是 如此。 朋友也是 可以 帮你。。 帮够 你 10-20 好不好?。。 都 会有一天人散的 时候。 朋友偏 ’朋友‘, 朋友的身份 应该 好好 的 辅导 身边面对问题 和 不对想法的 朋友。 互相的支持...

BLOG: How ineffective TM could be?

Based on 70% Truth 30% lies Story… while to TM, they surely hoping its 10% truth and 90% fabricated. How effective does TM customer service been doing? Lets scrutinized together Nov 8th 9pm Mohd. Z , Technical Dept.  = Sorry Sir, We can’t do anything...

BLOG: Fully used 24hour

It’s a very tiring day indeed today. [3 Nov 2011] Rushing from North to South, East to West. Been attending some press conferences and show case with differ identity. All the sudden is DannyOne, within an hour i am Member of DAMONSTER.  But i do...

Uptown world.

Devil wear Prada. I am sure everyone craving for it especially ladies. She is da uptown girl, living in the uptown world. lols. Spending time for the holiday. Yet its November. I shall fully utilize the time to complete the tasks which left behind.

BLOG: Happy Halloween!!

  Happy Halloweeen 2011. 万圣节快乐。 I am sure everyone having a good time yesterday. In case everyone wonder, KL celebrated this festival yesterday night although we know Halloween 2011 is on 31 Oct. Nevertheless treat or tricks? ngek ngek ngek.. Jack and I waiting patiently...


我個人認為一首歌的成功不是它有多動聽,歌詞有多貼心。而是它成功挑起你的內心世界及影響到你的想法。那首歌有一種無法形容的力量。可以抓住你的聽覺及選擇該播放的片斷在你腦海裡徘徊。 每次我一聽到這種歌曲, 都會被它推動我很想快回到家寫歌。


不知道即時我開始喜歡躲在家裡。 很想讓家人知道我安全及在他們視線裡。可能最近家裡的問題不佳卻讓媽媽擔憂受怕。所以盡量讓她擔少一個,這樣也應該可以減少她的皺紋吧。

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