BLOG: Happy Birthday EsterMay

Happy Birthday to our Princess EsterMayMay. We had a casual celebration dinner with her tonight. Along with Suet Peng, Monkey.D, and her Rain Hubby. =.= Had this classic steamboat at The Curve. Delicious and tasty. And Baskin Robin’s Ice Cream Cake to end today.  ...

MUSIC: Celebration-摩斯特DA.MON.STER

摩斯特Da.Mon.Ster 2011全新单曲作品《Celebration》 延续摩斯特那另类音乐曲风的本色;融合了欢乐的电子+饶舌+舞曲的元素 并结合英+粤+华三大语言来呈献歌曲演绎 势必要成为未来所有节日庆典倒数必唱必点的歌曲之一 就让我们随着摩斯特那轻快的节奏一起来欢唱吧!!!

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