2017 should be one of the spectacular year for me despite a few hiccups from here and there. I would said it is the most challenging and fully utilised the talents in any aspect of me. The Triangle of Hope From differ company into differ company. I always blessed to end up into a good…


  DANNY溫力銘《SIAPA 2017》 MUSIC GRAPHIC VIDEO 出爐。 一個故事的結束也是另一個故事的開始。 每一段的經歷每一步都是有它的原因。 至少有我們陪你走下去。😎 謝謝 Silver Mouse – Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia 的用心作品。 不能少了 WinnieHO 何芸妮 陈依依 林文荪(Suen) Aaron 獻聲好讓這首歌加分不少! 真的要聽聽。 👩🏼‍🎤👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤 **訂閱: www.youtube.com/dannyone iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/neverland/id1247314741 Spotify – https://play.spotify.com/album/1bOTS6ojqYUJ1hX9jgsxtE KKBOX – http://kkbox.fm/mU16v5 JOOX – http://www.joox.com/#/albumDetail?id=2100097


  STILL 如果我沉下去 可以麼? 何解早明白到淒楚 聯想起末日到驚慌 推走我 光陰終飄散你痛楚 如果要逃避我 等什麼? 曾經有人為我點火 緣不夠來為你解鎖 珍惜過  請不必痛恨我太多 抱憾留低的滋味 求忘掉了殺機 愚蠢的相信它變更理想結果 地球被改寫宿命 人類鬥到要死 何解只得我一個 仍敢於相信 別玩弄我 圍繞我 憑什麼 留低我 地球被改寫宿命 人類鬥到要死 是否只得我一個說太多 太多 MYGJ11700004 作曲Composer:Danny溫力銘 作詞Lyricist:Danny溫力銘 製作Producer: 魏文浩 編曲Arrangement:魏文浩 / Danny溫力銘 貝斯 Bass:Ken Chung 吉他 Guitars:魏文浩 合音Backing Vocal: Danny溫力銘 錄音/混音Recording/Mixing:魏文浩 @ musicHaws HomeStudio OP: Sony Music Publishing Sdn. Bhd.


每個人都有一個安全地帶.. 往往長大後卻忘了這個地方. 716讓Danny溫力銘帶你一起尋回這個屬於自己,永遠長不大的世界… NEVERLAND!“🌎💫✨ 檢閱15年的音樂旅程, 第一次個人售票演唱會 《Danny in the Neverland Concert 2017》即將引爆! 日期:16.07.2017 時間:7:30pm 地點:HGH Galaxy Hall 票價:RM60普通票,RM118VIP票附送专辑 . 榮譽呈獻: MeiiShop Buy here : – http://www.ticketcharge.com.my/en/current-events/danny-in-the-neverland-concert-2017

Dear 2016… Good bye

Dear 2016, We had much memorial time ain’t we ? All the agony  and struggling moment no doubt the most effectively ways to build us. Look what have come to 🙂 Remembering the Quest. Remember we putting our faith in God hands? We had nothing to pay yet we agreed and signed to own it.…

[ VIDEO ] TOKYO : CAPTURE THE MOMENT 【サテイ・トウキョウ satay x tokyo 沙爹.東京 】

Video finally uploaded. This Tokyo trip indeed one of my fav due to much surprises and things to be remembered despite more towards fashion trip though. lol Foods, people, cultures, fashions, toys and gadgets are everywhere in Tokyo Everything is still vivid in my mind. and I miss the most no others than Yi Lan Ramen. T..T…

Macao : The City that never sleep.

Had an opportunity to visit Macao. Honestly loves the city so much. (Don’t ask me why) Might be the culture and rich history that this lovely land embraced. The people are friendly despite some ahpeks who are having their morning walk which full of anger that we encountered. The food, building and history indeed a…