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Spontaneously, we came out with a very lame idea by posing and snaps pictures with the 1000% [email protected] Fragment. Picking the right background and lighting eventually the ending result do let me feel satisfy. Using only an iPhone4, with a white light and a brown...

ONEderland evolved.

  The  www.onelikming.com is evolving. Onederland will be fixing up and restructuring itself to provide a better place for each one of u whom visited here. Here shall not be just about my blog yet more than that. Sharing all my thought and favorite information...

應該分手+Say Goodbye

兩首溫力銘的歌曲 《應該分手》+《Say GoodBye》mashed起來帶來同樣的意思用樣的傷感。。 x就算分手也要禮貌的說Goodbye.

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