Event: occupyDataran

Having the chances to meet the Auntie Bersih at #OccupyDataran on Monday [22/04/12]. She was energetic and inspiring. To prevent each other from being stranger,she assisted us for ice breaking section by requesting us remember at least 4 person name who wondering around the dataran.  Crowd pulling...

MUSIC: Celebration-摩斯特DA.MON.STER

摩斯特Da.Mon.Ster 2011全新单曲作品《Celebration》 延续摩斯特那另类音乐曲风的本色;融合了欢乐的电子+饶舌+舞曲的元素 并结合英+粤+华三大语言来呈献歌曲演绎 势必要成为未来所有节日庆典倒数必唱必点的歌曲之一 就让我们随着摩斯特那轻快的节奏一起来欢唱吧!!!

Chill while the Night still Young

Seriously, dismissed myself from the night screen for ages. Might because body get tired easily since not getting enough rest every night. lols Especially when you need to pay RM10 for just a few hours parking fees, RM50 for the cover charges and figuring out...

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