Sorry!!No fairness HERE!

Malai-cya politic forever entertaining.
And forever bull-shitting.
You surely unable to find any logic.
Those perpetrator will never fall and capture.
while those who fighting for truth will be
relinquished or punish!
“tak logic!! tak logic!!”

Aspecially recently, 3 person been detained under
an infamous move by goverment, ISA.

The innocent people detained.
while those who erupted problem are freely
wondering around with ‘lanci’ style.

First case: Ahxxd utter “chinese is “penumpang”

-Miss Tan the reporter wrote the content
which the Moron Ahxxd speak in the speechs.


-Suppose Ahxxd the Moron should be detained under ISA
for the racist remarks. But goverment forgIve him instead
captured the reporter.

Second Case: No freedom of speech

-PM said everyone is free to speak. Everyone have freedom

-R*K using his freedom of speech to comment and
condemed the goverment but eventually, ISA.

Third case: Framed by TOyol.

-Ex MB of S******r accused a MP disallowing
mosque to ‘azan’ (praying). 

-The MP still been detained in ISA despite the Mosque’s
leaders had dismissed the inaccurate accussed by the ex-MB.
*yet the ex-mb bully a women? wtf!!!*

Its pathetic to see all this shit! Its insanity.
The despicable move by the Goverment will inevitable
erupted the anger of the people.


Say No to ISA!