Hee: I (maybe) didn’t use pepper spray

Hee: I didn’t use pepper sprayOn whether she had used the pepper spray against Yew Tian Hoe (DAP-Aulong), Hee said that she pointed her hotel key-chain, not a pepper spray canister.

“It is just a key-chain. ‘Hati mereka ada hantu’ (They have a guilty conscience),” she said, adding that she is suffering body aches from the scuffles.

Okay… Didn’t use Pepper spray. hmmm…
And what’s you holding in your hand? Don’t tell me this is a key chain!!!

mentos ar? Chocolate?
Where is the key? Wah remote control for gate ar?

The question is why on earth did you show your key chain while u arguing with people?
“What ar? scare ar? come lar.. this is my key!!! grab it la ”
Like this?
Or showing off that actually that the keys of her new Semi-D ??
Confuse nya.