F&N Freestyle Dance Competition

Now is located in JB.
Just done with the F&N fREEstyle Dance competition Semi-Final.

Everything is good. Saw plenty of ex-battleground’s contestants.
Miss them dou. Back to that time i was host and now i being the judge!
it;s so hilarious.

Everyone danced with full force yet still some “shuffle-ing” swt.
Mostly everyone i knew went into final. Nope!! Doesn’t indicated that i play cheated
in the marks since i know them. It was them who did so well and 3 judge including me
were impressed.

Final Round will be at The Curve next Saturday 16 August 2009. So meet you guys there.

ps: Little Cock whispered that ‘Battleground’ is coming back this year. Hmmm i ponder will i be in the list? hmmm”

‘epal satu hari, mat rempit tak kan mali!!”