Disneyland; Haunted Halloween

A dark force has been strengthening at Hong Kong Disneyland.
Nobody knows its origins or intentions but when it arises mysterious and frightening incident occur.

Let’s go HK Disneyland together this year halloween 2009 (Sept 18- Oct 31).
Together we experiences the most haunted and exciting event that’s going to happen over there.
The theme for this year is sooooo cool and great! (i’m inevitably excited)

The whole Disneyland will be contented with mystery and haunted ambiance
due to the Halloween season. The atmosphere will be creepy despite fun and excitement will
non stop erupt.

Alien invasion, Demon Jungle, Glow in the Park Parade,
Space Mountaion, Scary Photo Fun, Character Meet and Greet and Sinister Part Decor
are the activities going have in HK Disneyland.
The special part is their Main Street Hotel will converted into Haunted hotel.

“Over Hundred years ago, something went terribly wrong with the hotel situated in
Main Street USA and it became haunted thereafter. The reason always remained a mystery.
Only recently it has been discovered that Victoria Maxwell was taken by the dark force and her ghostly soul
now roams the rooms and corridors of the hotel, hungry for new victims and eager to scare guests with new
antics. So if you seek a spine tingling experience, check into the hotel,
and hope that you’ll be able to check out.”

Meaning they gonna scare your ass off when you staying into this hotel. lolz.

What i interested most is actually got the chances to meet
Mickey, Stiches and Jack Skellington and Haunted Halloween souvenirs 🙂 nice nice~
(And its limited)

Recently fall in love to HIM

Visit Hong Kong Disneyland website for more information.

*for bigger size here

JOM, We go together this September and explore the creepy yet excited HK Disneyland.
(Maybe Wall.E and annoying Donald Duck will kacau u ler? who knows)

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