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How can a world live without the most advance and popular’s social network
such as FB and Twiiter?
You can. China has proven to the world they don’t need any of this.
They developed their own QQ, Happy Net and sort.
And this is killing me and some of the fellowmen in here.

It was a exhausted day. Not enough sleep, Cannot tweet, cannot fb
and it’s induced me went ‘busuk’ the whole day.
Luckily the arrangement of schedule for today wasn’t that bad or else inevitable
i will be ballistic around.

*sien d~~*

Good news is i could email photos into f.b page and thanks to *November*,
she had taught me using another site to view facebook but unable to write or comment at all.
Consider it is a bonus since i still able to access my

It is so torturing.
I cant even watch Youtube!!!! I can’t gossip in FB!! i CAN’T update myself in TWEET!!

But i can read Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini and Malaysia insider laah~~


EVISU x PUMA ……….nice

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