I answered, How about you guys?

Just done a recording with Yan-Ting.
All the sudden, i get a calling,
with spontaneous we agreed to
do something for the Earth Day + Earth Hour

Discussed with StarPark too and they support our moves. 🙂
It is consider a side project for me x StarPark despite i been
busying and whacking my head for DA.MON.STER.

Although it wasn’t a big project but it’s consider
a very meaningful works that i always wanted to involve.
Yet thanks Yan-Ting who spontaneous agreed
to do this “crazy’ things with me. Appreciate.

一起祷告 <Save Earth> 2010 ;
a song for Earth Hour + Earth Day
shall upload this few days.

BTW, Planned to cut a video for this too.

How Earth Hour Malaysia 2010 will be? Send pictures or Videos to : [email protected]