Starbucks= Slow WI-FI


I am a die hard fans of Starbucks.
To be frank, i could spend the whole day sitting in it
surfing net while enjoying the Hot Choco and their
delicious cakes.


Although in the politics wise, its owe by Vincent Tan.
Which means every penny i spend shall goes into those
corrupted politician.

I know i am prejudice, yet i still prefer Starbucks culture.
The ambiance, the atmosphere and impeccably comfort from
the barista could just vanished all those politicize issues.
I bought their merchandise as collection or as a gift to friends for


Yeap, i kinda bias even though  there are even better cafe in town which
having the same criteria .

Now there is one issue i couldn’t deprive from my nerves is
the WI-FI network is becoming freaking seriously outrageous SLOW!

Day by day it become worst. I need at least 15 minutes to load a page!
I am not driving all the way from my home, struggling for parking and wasting a few bucks
just to torture myself with this stupid, tortoise slow WI-FI.

At home i could just take off my cloth and just enjoy the connection with no hold barred
but i thought doing works in some cafe would be great and Starbucks
was my first priority.


So Starbucks! Do something!!!!!

And to those places which provide “free WI-FI”
Please dont proudly ‘claimed “Free Wi-fi” when its slow.
Just put “Slow Wi-FI‘ so customer won’t be piss off when
they couldnt connect to any pages.!!!