Everybody loves TO-FU. mE TOO..:)

Action City bringing TO-FU’s creator Shin to Tokyo Street, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The event went smooth and eventually everyone loves TO-FU. Shin; the creator inevitably charmed everyone with his stylist look and of course his TO-FU.

It’s great to met up Shin in person. Exchanging thought and opinion as well getting to know how TO-FU was born. According to him TO-FU is created through a competition. Most importantly he picked tofu as the character¬† because it is something that everyone could easier except and cute.

Wind; Action City’s boss always loves to share the best things to his peoples that is why he never stop bringing all the goodies to his friends as well AC’s supporter. After Nanoblock, this time is TO-FU.( Hearsay there will be more to come)

Now everybody loves TO-FU.

By the way, Congrats Action City for their opening at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

(uhh.. BANA was found next to TOFU)